Customer Strategy & Marketing

The idea of thinking in terms of providing solutions to problems is a very useful one in marketing. It helps considerably in identifying new markets, finding new products for existing customers, finding new customers for existing products and, most importantly, discovering potential and possibly unsuspected competition. 

Working with DMG, we will address the following questions:

● What are the problems of your customers that our products (or services) can solve more efficiently or better than products of other suppliers? Who, in addition to our current customers, has these same needs?

● What particular circumstances of your customers, actual or potential, would suggest modifications in our products, conditions of delivery, after-sales service, etc.?

● Can we use your existing facilities and skills to design, produce, market and distribute this product, or do we need to acquire new facilities and/or skills?

● Can we offer an effective and affordable solution to the problem and still produce an acceptable profit?

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