International Tax 

Handling taxes today can be one of the most daunting, complex business issues a multinational enterprise faces. Fundamental business decisions—where to locate, choice of entity, how to finance global operations—can have a critical impact on a multinational’s tax risk profile, global effective tax rate and cash tax exposure.

What’s more, tax executives at these companies are often challenged on many fronts simultaneously and are faced with shorter decision time frames. Examples include:

 Ensuring that tax planning remains appropriate given changes in business operations and consistent with the company’s culture

  • Keeping track of frequent changes in tax law in multiple jurisdictions
  • Growing compliance and internal control requirements
  • Greater scrutiny of tax decisions by an increasing range of regulators

DMG’s Worldwide Tax professionals, with deep technical knowledge and practical experience you can trust, can help you seize tax opportunities and avoid pitfalls. Our understanding of tax and trade law and changing business conditions in jurisdictions around the world allows us to provide specialized services to support our clients’ international and cross-border activities.
Our services are offered across three broad areas:

  • International Corporate Tax Services

  • International Tax Services for Alternative Investments
  • Trade & Customs Services