Operational Improvement

This process of transformation requires decision ­making on the part of operations management with a view to getting an output of the desired quantity and quality delivered by the required date and at a set (as a rule minimum) cost. DMG consultant’s task is to advise management, whenever necessary, on the best means of achieving this objective. In most cases, DMG operations consultants are able, in the performance of their functions, to measure and assess the results of their work.

Operations materialize the value chain, which comprises product development, marketing, inbound logistics, production, outbound logistics, sales and after­sales services. DMG consultants therefore consider the effect of their propositions on the overall value chain. Increasingly a supply chain perspective is taken to coordinate and integrate the components of a value chain. Supply chain management focuses on organizational aspects of integrating separate firms as well as coordinating flows of materials and information within a production and distribution network. With DMG, we will establish competitive performance criteria and levels; develop a clear understanding of available operations choices (best practice); and select the implementation approach.