Small Business Management & Development

The use of consultants by small enterprises is now an established trend in business. As activities relating to the conduct of business become more complex, the need for outside assistance usually increases. Managers of small scale enterprises who want to remain competitive need to consider using consultants as they would use other support services, such as bankers, lawyers, accountants and trade associations.

For new entrepreneurs, the start-up phase is the most difficult. Existing small enterprises use consultants mainly to solve specific operational problems. Each stage of business establishment and growth brings new challenges and opportunities for the small-scale entrepreneur. New entrepreneurs have to be prepared for the additional demands that the business will make on their time, and to balance their working time with time for their family and for social pursuits. This can be particularly difficult for women entrepreneurs, as they often have responsibility for child care and household responsibilities. With DMG Small Business expertise, we work alongside of the entrepreneur, to project, manage, and maintain growth. We invite you to meet with Small Business Consultant today.