State and Local Taxes 

State tax laws are not consistent across states and legislation is in a constant state of change. How can your business stay up to speed with these complexities and risk issues?


One answer is careful, proactive tax planning with the assistance of knowledgeable and seasoned state and local tax professionals – such as DMG's State and Local Tax (SALT) professionals at DMG.

Our SALT team is comprised of industry experts. In addition, our depth of experience and breadth of resources extend beyond U.S. borders.  

As a result, we’re able to work across functions and across state lines to provide our clients with the tax guidance they need in such areas as income and franchise tax, indirect tax, and credits and incentives


Outsourcing your State and local tax compliance to DMG can be a cost-effective, versatile and adaptable means of enabling your organization to free up in-house resources to focus on core tax functions and long-term strategic business initiatives.

DMG’s Compliance Centers, located in Chicago and Atlanta, offer a practical and reliable approach, without compromising the accuracy or quality of your compliance processes and obligations. Our experienced team of tax professionals collectively have knowledge of the local statutory reporting rules and practices of all states and jurisdictions.